Who Is Mr. Snackbox?

Who Is This Guy?

We started selling snack boxes way back in in 2016. In 2018, we changed the name to more accurately reflect what it is we're really doing - selling snack boxes!

We searched high and low for the right face for the new brand. In the end we really didn't need to look very far. We wanted to pay respect to one of the guys always encouraging us, always around to help and, frankly, also loves snacks. He's the father and father-in-law of the founders and 'Grandpa' to the founders kids. Oh - and this is really important - he also needs to give his stamp of approval on everything we put in our boxes. He's the official tester! Him and a few others. He's also a great guy with a big heart that wants us to spread a little joy around the country....one snack box at a time!

We're proud to have him represent us by being the face of our business.