About Us

How We Started
Mr. Snackbox started as a brand of Six Mile, LLC - a family run e-commerce retailer established in 2013. Back then, our business sold a large variety of products on the world's largest e-commerce platform - Amazon. Our snack boxes were initially just an extension of that business. We recognized the demand for quality snack boxes and put together several varieties - including one for our son and others like him who suffer from celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Because of the success of the snack boxes, the business was shifted to focus almost exclusively on snack boxes sold on the Amazon platform.

What About Now?
We still sell our snack boxes on Amazon but are now expanding to selling those same snack boxes (along with several others we don't sell on Amazon) to businesses in and around the north Atlanta area. For now, we're focusing on businesses along the Georgia 400 corridor but will soon expand to other north metro Atlanta areas.
Why Deliver Snack Boxes?
As former corporate employees, we remember the times when clients were in town and someone always had to rush around finding some kind of snack to prepare for short meetings. We also remember those handful of people who always had snacks in their offices (be it a large barrel of pretzels, a jar of candy or a bucket of Jelly Belly's) - they seemed to have the offices where most meetings took place. The meetings seemed to flow a little smoother there too. Coincidence? Maybe! That's why we're starting our free delivery service. If you think your business may enjoy the convenience of having snack boxes delivered to your office for free, click here for see our delivery area or click here to go to our online setup form.

Our goal is simple: provided a fast way to order a variety of quality snacks, at a reasonable price (less expensive than vending machines) and deliver them for free a few days each week (Tuesday's and Thursday's as of this writing). We hope you enjoy the snack boxes (and other goodies) as much as we like preparing and delivering them. 

We Look Forward to Working With You,