Subscription Discounts & Information

Want to Have Our Boxes Delivered on a Schedule? And with a Discount?

We also offer our boxes as set it and forget subscriptions. Our subscription intervals are weekly, bi-weekly (every other week/14 days) and monthly (one time per month). Subscriptions are offered at a discount to our single box purchases - 15% off for weekly subscriptions, 10% off for bi-weekly subscriptions and 5% off for monthly subscriptions.

Subscription Box Ordering 

Subscription orders are added to our system at the exact interval as the original order. By way of example, if you order a weekly subscription on Monday at 1:45 PM, the next order will be placed into our system the following Monday at around 1:45 PM. Your subscription and card data is maintained by our card processor so you can rest assured your data is safe. Just let us know if you need more information on this topic.

Updating Your Payment Method and Canceling Subscriptions

If you want to update your credit or debit card, you can do so online under the My Account section. You can also cancel a subscription any time you'd like under the My Account section. If you'd like to put a subscription on hold, just send us an email with the number of days you'd like to postpone it and we'll update it the same business day.