About Us

How We Started
Mr. Snackbox started as a brand of Six Mile, LLC - a family run ecommerce retailer established in 2013. Back then, our business sold a large variety of products on the world's largest e-commerce platform - Amazon. Our snack boxes were initially just an extension of that business. We recognized the demand for quality snack boxes and put together several varieties - including one for our son and others like him who suffer from celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Because of the success of the snack boxes, the business was shifted to focus almost exclusively on snack boxes sold on the Amazon platform.

What About Now?
We still sell our snack boxes on Amazon but now also sell those same great boxes (and many others) directly from our own website. We are based in the northern suburbs of Atlanta and also offer free delivery of our boxes in bulk to local businesses. 

From the beginning, our goals were simple: create a quality snack box at a reasonable price and bring a smile to someone's face knowing that someone else was thinking of them. We hope you enjoy the snack boxes as much as we like seeing the smiles of those receiving them. 

Thanks for Your Interest,